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Traditional Ye'kwana House
A lot of symbolism is involved in the construction of the houses for the Ye'kwana
Ye’kwana of Venezuela

Ye'kwana of Venezuela - History and Geography

Ye'kwana means canoe people. The river is essential to them, intricately woven into all aspects of their lives.

They are a Carib-speaking tribe that migrated from Brazil several hundred years ago. Due to the warring nature of neighboring indigenous groups and the rubber trade there are reportedly only around 3000 Ye'Kwana today.

Despite their low numbers, they are an indigenous group that has very much protected and held true to their traditional lifestyle. Most of the Ye'Kwana presently live in Venezuela with only one group still residing in Brazil. They live in the remote regions that surround the river basins of the the Erevato, Venuari, Caura, and Paragua Rivers.

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