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Workshop with Ye'kwana
Issues addressed included production and design of baskets, as well as management of local resources.
Ye’kwana of Venezuela

Ye'kwana of Venezuela Description of Project
The Ye'kwana are the indigenous inhabitants of the Caura River basin. (The Caura River is a tributary of the Orinoco River in Venezuela). Earth Bound conducts workshops with the Ye'kwana on topics such as resource management of forest products used in traditional basket weaving, basic business skills training, and marketing options to generate income from the sale of baskets. Our partners are the Kuyujani, which is the Indian Council of the Ye'kwana, and HealthShare, an NGO providing health personnel, equipment, and training to indigenous communities along the lower Caura River.

Future plans include web site development and computer skills training for the Ye'kwana.

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